The Open IDEO Twin Cities Chapter is a group of social entrepreneurs who volunteer to practice design-thinking as a collective. We innovate for the greater good. We prototype solutions to fix global issues. We start here at home. All year MSP OpenIDEO will be actively contributing to challenges as well as putting on events and workshops here in the Twin Cities.  

This year, MSP OpenIDEO joins a growing global family to drive social impact around the world. Sign up for our newsletter below and check out our blog for updates as we form our core team and start contributing to OpenIDEO challenges. 

Started by a group of Twin Cities residents who care. 
Backed by local leaders and organizations that work for good. 


This group was created as an extension of the great work already being done in our communities, and as an open invitation to anyone interested in solving problems through design. We hope to grow the Cities reputation as a diverse and innovative tech-hub by supporting conscious innovation.

We will lead with empathy. We will focus on solutions. We will bring a voice and a light where it's needed most.


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